[2022 new anti-counterfeiting method] Catch the counterfeit Tasmanian cherries

4wwwS - 2022-06-21 14:17:55

Counting the days, it is the cherry season again. Among them, Tasmanian cherries are the most popular among Hong Kong people. The ocean climate in Tasmania, Australia is mild, fresh, and pollution-free, allowing cherries to absorb the essence of the sun and moon and become the best in the world of cherries. It is too attractive that some unscrupulous businessmen will sell counterfeit goods. This time, we will explain various anti-counterfeiting methods for everyone, and it is no longer difficult to taste the delicious taste of Tasmania.

Visit an authorized fruit store

If you want to eat with confidence, of course, you must patronize the reputable fruit stalls that have anti-counterfeiting labels and only sell genuine products. But there are so many fruit shops in Hong Kong, how to find an authorized shop that sells genuine Tas cherries? The all-around fruit information app 4wwwS is listing all the authorized fruit shops of tas cherries in Hong Kong for everyone!

4wwwS App will use GPS positioning to find a list of nearby stores for you, and display store information, such as open/closed, etc., so that you can easily find cooperative stores. You can also use the search function in the app to search for stores by event, food name, location, etc.

Recognize anti-counterfeiting features

In addition to finding genuine stores, you can also recognize basic anti-counterfeiting features. For example, each box of 43° South Tasmanian cherries will be printed with a long sticker on the side of the box, and the sticker will be printed in bold juvenile English. At the same time, the code is added, and there is a QR Code to check the information. With the "4wwwS" App, you can know the source, origin, and authenticity of cherries at a glance, so you don't have to worry about buying the wrong counterfeit product.

Download 4wwwS App and participate in anti-counterfeiting activities

Buying genuine cherries, saying no to counterfeit cherries, protecting the consumer rights of Hong Kong people, are the acts that support the legitimate interests of Australian conscientious fruit farmers. Download the "4wwwS" App now, and you can also participate in anti-counterfeiting activities and take away big prizes at any time.

  • 2-Step Verification Rewards

From 1st January to 30th January, scan the anti-counterfeiting QR code in the designated merchant. After registration, you can receive a limited edition super three-dimensional mask from the merchant (while supplies last), unlock the follow-up mysterious prize-winning activities.

  • AI Detective Mission

From 1st January to 1st March, after reporting suspected fakes and being detected by HK customs, you can get iPhone 13, and victims can exchange it for genuine 43° South cherries.

In addition to the above activities, there are different prize-giving activities waiting for you. Want to know more details? Download the "4wwwS" App now to find out!

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