How to Choose 8424 Watermelons?

4wwwS - 2022-06-21 14:57:10

Watermelon has always been a holy product to cool off in summer. The recently popular “8424” watermelons have even become very popular among Hongkongers. In 1984, Professor Wu Mingzhu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a melon breeding expert from the Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, found that the 24th sample watermelon had the best quality among dozens of experimental combinations. It has the characteristics of high sweetness, so it is named after the first two numbers. After years of improvement, the Yangtze River Delta and other places have carried forward this variety, and since then authentic 8424 has become the king of watermelons.

Attracted by the huge interests caused by market demand, many unscrupulous businessmen stick 8424 stickers on fake melons at will, as shoddy ones, and even add preservatives, colorants, sugar enhancers, or hormones to the fake 8424 Watermelons! In the face of the 8424 watermelons that are hard to distinguish between true and false, how should we identify them?

The best 8424 watermelon is spherical and the fruit shape is upright, the size is moderate and weighs about 4-5KG. The light green melon skin has dark green stripes, the pattern is clear, and the surface is smooth, whereas the stem is fresh, indicating adequate moisture. 8424 watermelon is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has thin skin and thick flesh. It can be easily cut with an ordinary table knife. The flesh is sweet and juicy, tender and refreshing, and the sugar content is high and even.

If the watermelon skin is elastic after a little pressure, it may be harvested from dead branches or exposed to the sun for too long. The pulp is therefore soft and has a poor flavor. If the navel is too large, indented, or split, it may have thick skin and flesh. There is a saying "watermelon tail, pineapple head", which refers to the navel of the watermelon, that is, the place farther away from the melon is sweeter. Therefore, when you usually store it, you may wish to put the head down to make the whole watermelon evenly sweet. . The whole watermelon can be stored for 2-3 weeks in a cool environment at room temperature when it is not cut, but it should be eaten as soon as possible after cutting. If you can't finish eating, it is advisable to seal the cut surface with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator so that it will not deteriorate. But watermelon should not be frozen for too long, otherwise, it will easily damage the digestive system.

Many counterfeit 8424 watermelons are of poor quality where the pulp was dry or the color was too light, the sweetness was not natural and even, and even had an odor. In such a situation, when one buys watermelons that are stale or even of quality problems but cannot taste them and have to throw them away, it is really frustrating.

In order to eat fresh, delicious, safe, and natural 8424 watermelons, in addition to paying attention to the appearance of the watermelon, or buying it home and then cutting it, you should also look for a reputable brand.

Hong Kong's time-honored brand, "Rabbit Mark", has been meticulously collecting well-known watermelon varieties from all over the world to satisfy the taste of Hong Kong people since its establishment in 1997. The 8424 watermelons produced are grown by conscientious growers and certified by the International Growers Standards Organization (IGSO), ensuring it is natural premium fruit. Rabbit Mark Watermelons are round and plump, moderate in size, beautiful in appearance, the skin is thin to about 1cm after cutting, sweet and juicy, tender, slags, and seedless with excellent taste. The sugar content is generally 12-13 Brix, after the sweetness reaches the standard, the watermelons are hand-picked, and processed by professional cold chain transportation to Hong Kong to ensure fresh and high quality. Each "Rabbit Mark" 8424 watermelon has a unique anti-counterfeiting code. After scanning the code with the 4wwwS app, you can authenticate the 8424 product, track information, and give feedback. In the 4wwwS app, you can also check the authentic sales point, so that everyone can buy the most authentic 8424 watermelons with peace of mind and convenience.

Want to eat really delicious and safe 8424 watermelons, why don't you buy a "Rabbit Mark" watermelon?