Do you know about Seedless Watermelons?

4wwwS - 2022-06-21 14:57:29

Watermelon is the most popular fruit in summer, but spitting out the seeds is always troubling. Therefore, the birth of seedless watermelons is a savior for all of us -- we can now enjoy watermelon with ease and joy!  So, what is the seedless watermelon? 

First off, seedless watermelon is not entirely seedless, and you can still find small, inconspicuous, and almost transparent seeds in the watermelon. These seeds are edible. Seedless watermelon is a melon seed bred through artificial mutagenesis and hybridization in a non-transgenic way. It is safe and harmless, and the flesh is tender and delicious.

The seedless watermelon was first cultivated in 1938 by Huang Changxian, a Chinese studying for a Ph.D. in the United States. He is known as “the father of the seedless watermelon."

So how is seedless watermelon nurtured? Ordinary watermelon is a diploid plant (that is, there are 2 sets of chromosomes in each cell). After processing the "colchicine" contained in common watermelon, it becomes tetraploid, and then the ordinary diploid watermelon is quadrupled. Somatic watermelon hybridization can get triploid seedless watermelon seeds. Seedless watermelon is a triploid, and because of the odd number of chromosomes, the plant cannot produce pollen and cannot reproduce directly through seeds. It needs ordinary watermelon for pollination, and the final fruit is triploid. That is seedless watermelon.

The germination and planting of seedless watermelon seeds are more complex than seeded watermelon and require higher temperature, soil, and time. That is why it is more precious. Hong Kong’s long-established watermelon brand Rabbit Mark first introduced seedless watermelons to Hong Kong. The new generation of specially selected seedless watermelons is sweet and juicy, with thin skin and rich flesh. They are also certified by IGSO (International Growers Standards Organization) to ensure high quality and safety. Now use the 4wwwS App to scan the QR code on each Rabbit Mark watermelon. You can also trace the origin and other information, understand the professional knowledge of watermelons, and search the nearby shops. If you want to enjoy the delicious seedless watermelon with ease, look for Rabbit Mark Watermelon!