Five Essential Questions to Ask When Selecting Mangoes

Five Essential Questions to Ask When Selecting Mangoes

Mangoes are a beloved fruit, but do you know how to choose the best ones? Here are five essential questions to ask when selecting a mango:

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1.🥭Is the mango surface smooth and the color consistent throughout?

Before purchasing a mango, examine it closely to ensure that it has a smooth surface. If the mango has wrinkles, it may have lost moisture, making it less juicy. However, sometimes a powdery feel may indicate a natural fruit powder that protects the mango.

Also, a mango that receives sufficient sunlight will have a consistent color throughout. If one side of the mango is green while the other is yellow, it may not be as sweet.


2. How was the mango transported?

Mangoes are typically transported by air or sea from their place of origin to their destination. If transported by sea, they are picked when they are about 60% ripe, receiving less sunlight and photosynthesis, leading to less sweetness and lower prices. If transported by air, they can be picked when they are about 70-80% ripe, resulting in more sunlight, more photosynthesis, and a more ripe, sweet, and juicy fruit.


3. 🔎Are there any black spots on the mango?

If a mango is left for too long, black spots may appear due to anthracnose or black spot disease. Although these viruses are not harmful to humans, black spots on a mango indicate a problem with its quality. When selecting a mango, avoid those with black spots. If you have already purchased a mango with black spots, consume it as soon as possible.


4. 👀Does the mango stem have a fragrant aroma and a slight gumminess?

A fully ripe mango should exude a strong, sweet scent and have a slightly gummy stem, indicating that it has enough sugar and is perfectly ripe for consumption.


5. 🤔How to store mangoes properly?


Scenario A: If you have a few mangoes, store them in a cool and shaded place indoors.


Scenario B:  If you have a box of mangoes, open the cardboard box and let them ventilate for 3-5 days. To check if they're ripe, gently press the area around the stem with your fingers. If it's slightly soft and indented, they're ready to eat.


Scenario C:  If the mangoes are too ripe, wrap them in paper or newspaper and place them in the refrigerator. Avoid using plastic bags as they can create moisture and cause the mangoes to rot. They'll be ready to eat within 2 days.


⚠️Remember not to refrigerate unripe mangoes as the low temperature can destroy the stability of the cell membrane, leading to the formation and accumulation of toxic substances. This can cause the skin to develop sunken spots, and patches, or turn brown-black, while the flesh turns brown and becomes mushy, seriously affecting the quality of the fruit.


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