Discover the flavor that out of the world!The founder of Grapery® teaches you how to choose quality Moon Drops® Black Grapes

4wwwS - 2022-08-08 09:36:11

Discover the flavor that out of the world! The founder of Grapery® teaches you how to choose quality Moon Drops® Black Grapes


Recently, Moon Drops® has become very popular worldwide by subverting people's imagination in appearance and flavor. It turns out that Moon Drops® is a patented variety developed by a 100% conscientious grower, Grapery®, after more than 10 years of non-genetically modified natural breeding experience. Only grapes produced by Grapery® can be called Moon Drops ® (other growers planted grapes under the name Sweet Sapphire). Moon Drops® Black Seedless Grapes are like a "fruit from the universe," without additives and genetic modification, bringing a unique and astonishing enjoyment beyond our imagination!

So, how can we buy the most authentic and high-quality Moon Drops® grapes? Jack Pandol, the founder of Grapery®, will tell us the characteristics of Moon Drops® grapes. As the name suggests, Moon Drops® has a signature anti-gravity shape, an unusually elongated and irregular shape with a dimpled end. It has a blue to purple gem-like luster on the skin, just like a precious fruit falling from the moon outside the horizon. It does look not only fancy but also has a unique and rich flavor that it allures. The skin of Moon Drops® is thin, and the flesh is plump, full and tender, sweet and juicy. Different from the sourness of other black grapes, Moon Drops® has a sweetness of 18-23 Brix. The fruit is large and medium-sized, and the size does not affect the flavor.

Grapery® growers follow strict standards to hand-pick naturally ripe grapes with the best flavor from the vine. As such, one-fifth of the grapes will usually shatter. Naturally, shatterings are normal, which does not affect the taste and means that the grapes are at their best flavor. After harvesting, Moon Drops® Grapes undergo rigorous cooling, cleaning, and processing procedures. The strings of "purple meniscus" are then packed in bags and transported through the cold chain to deliver the freshest and most perfect grapes to the world.

Black grapes are rich in antioxidants such as anthocyanins and resveratrol, vitamins A, C, E, carotene, and other nutrients, which can resist aging and benefit the health of our eyes, heart, and brain. Now download the 4wwwS to verify the authentic Moon Drops® grapes certified by IGSO, trace the source, search for nearby shops and give us feedback.  Let’s enjoy the nutritious and delicious fruits with peace of mind

Traits of Moon Drops®

Supply period: September

Variety source: grafted hybrid, non-genetically modified

The origin of the naming: it means fruit from the outer sky, with an anti-gravity-like akin to the moon falling, with a unique and extraordinary taste

Peel color: purple to black with a blue luster

Shape: elongate tubular with dimpled end

Size: about 3-5cm long; the size does not affect the flavor

Taste characteristics: unique aroma, sweet and rich flavored, thin skin and crisp flesh, delicious and juicy

Sweetness: 18-23 Brix

Shatter: 20% (because the grapes are naturally ripe from the vine, the fruit and the branches are separated, commonly known as "detaching". Shatter not only does not affect the flavor but also means the grapes are at the best flavor)

Preservation: keep it fresh in the refrigerator, and consume it within one week