Time is Ripe Shine Muscat Grape

Introducing the New Shine Muscat Grapes from Time is Ripe - Infused with Rose Aroma, Love at First Bite!

Time is Ripe - is a grape brand based in Hong Kong that is renowned for its Shine Muscat grapes. These grapes are grown under ample sunshine, which facilitates the synthesis of sugar and other nutrients, resulting in a sweetness level that can reach up to 20 degrees. The exposure to sunlight also bestows a smooth, glossy texture and vibrant color to the grape skin. Harvested at their peak ripeness, the Shine Muscat grapes guarantee a fresh and delectable taste for all to relish.

When Grapes are Ripe

Frutodor, a leading fruit company, is proud to introduce one of the most sought-after grape varieties in recent years – Shine Muscat grapes. Under the brand "Time is Ripe," Frutodor offers this exceptional grape variety to consumers.

Shine Muscat grapes are of superior quality, the large, cone-shaped grape clusters are tightly formed and visually appealing, making them incredibly attractive to consumers. Each grape is an elongated oval shape with a yellow-green color, and is not easily broken, making them easy to store and consume. Shine Muscat grapes have a delightful flavor, with firm flesh and thin skin, and a rich rose aroma that is sure to captivate anyone who tries them.

Originating from China, the climate and soil conditions are ideal for grape growth. The cultivation process is highly meticulous, with strict requirements in selecting high-quality seeds, applying scientific planting techniques, and implementing rigorous harvesting standards. This attention to detail ensures the exceptional quality and taste of Shine Muscat grapes.

Infused with Rose Aroma, Love at First Bite!

Shine Muscat grapes have become incredibly popular, surpassing traditional green grape varieties. These grapes offer a refreshing taste and a rich rose aroma. With their attractive light green color, larger size, thin skin, and tender flesh, they are perfect for direct consumption. Packed with nutrients like vitamins C and K, potassium, zinc, and iron, Shine Muscat grapes provide numerous health benefits. They boost immunity, promote metabolism, and enhance antioxidant capacity. Their high resistance to fruit drop and breakage ensures long-lasting quality, making them an ideal choice for storage. Frutodor is delighted to offer Time is Ripe Shine Muscat grapes, delivering an unforgettable taste experience and exceptional health benefits to consumers.

Awwws Authentication

Each grape has a unique anti-counterfeiting code on the packaging bag. All you need to do is use the all-around fruit app Awwws to scan the code, authenticate the authenticity and trace the source of the grapes. You can also learn about product information and search for nearby shops to eat with ease and convenience on the app.

Time is Ripe Shine Muscat grape is certified by International Growers’ Standards Organization (IGSO) to ensure high quality and safety. After picking, sorting, processing, and packaging within 48 hours, they are transported to Hong Kong by cold chain logistics so that Hong Kong people will be able to enjoy the freshest and sweetest grapes!




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