Naturally shattered = the best flavor? Tips to choose Cotton Candy® Grapes

4wwwS - 2022-08-08 09:35:12

Naturally shattered = the best flavor? Tips to choose Cotton Candy® Grapes


I bet you must have tried grape-flavored cotton candy before. But have you eaten cotton-candy-flavored grapes? Cotton Candy® seedless grapes are lovely like cotton candy but are not as sticky as real cotton candy. Cotton Candy® is naturally grown and nutritious. No wonder people – be it adults or children – love it so much. Once Cotton Candy® made its first appearance in the United States, it hit television reports and often sold out as soon as it was upon the shelves.


As a renowned patented grape variety, Cotton Candy® is grown by Grapery® and IFC Global Partners, which adopt non-genetically modified connection technology and have bred for more than ten years. The yield of Cotton Candy® is tiny, with a one-month supply period from mid-August to September each year, making it very precious. Delicious and unique, Cotton Candy® has attracted a horde of loyal fans in Hong Kong!

Cotton Candy® is a unique variety, so how can you buy authentic Cotton Candy®? The founder of Grapery®, Jack Pandol, has taught us how to distinguish its characteristics. Cotton Candy® Seedless Grapes have an unmistakable cotton-candy-like natural flavor. It has medium to large with no minimum size and round to slightly elongated shapes. The size of the grapes will not affect the taste. The color is green to attract amber, and the more yellowish it is, the tastier it is. The skin is moderately thin and firm and is very slightly chewy. The flesh is plump, soft, delicious, and sweet, with an 18-23 Brix of sweetness. There is a shatter ranging up to a quarter since it is a natural part of really ripe and excellent Cotton Candy®️ grapes which means the fruit detaches easily from the stem. The natural detachment of grapes is a normal phenomenon. Not only does it affect the taste, but it also means that Cotton Candy® is at its best flavor.

Not only does Grapery® use natural and state-of-the-art farming technology, it contributes to sustainable development and continuously improves the natural environment and flavor quality. Grapery® also rapidly cools, cleans, processes, and packs the grapes in the professional processing and packaging center, finally delivering them globally.

Cotton Candy® grapes are a good source of vitamins A, C, and K, antioxidants, and flavonoids, which have antioxidant and anti-aging effects and help cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. It is perfect for serving fresh dessert, juice, and baking.

Verify the genuine Cotton Candy® grapes certified by the International Farmers Standards Organization (IGSO) by downloading the App – 4wwwS. You can also easily trace the information, search for the nearby stores to buy authentic Cotton Candy® grapes, and give us feedback. So now, everyone can eat the amazing grapes at ease!

Traits of Cotton Candy®

 Supply period: Mid-August to September

Breeding method: grafting hybrid method, non-genetic modification

Origin of the name: named after cotton candy

Shape / size: round to oval medium-sized fruit, the size of the fruit does not affect the flavor

Peel color: green to amber  (mostly creamy/yellow), the more yellowish, the tastier

Taste characteristics: it has a sweet taste like cotton candy, juicy and delicious

Sweetness: 18-23 Brix

Shatter: a quarter (because the grapes are naturally ripe, the fruit and the branches are separated, commonly known as "detaching". Shatter not only does not affect the flavor, but also means the grapes are at the best flavor)

Preservation: keep it fresh in the refrigerator, and consume within 1 week